10 Fav Characters from Lexi Blake & Sophie Oak

March 11, 2019Rita

This week I want to share with y’all the characters that I love from this amazing author. Now if you don’t already know Lexi Blake is Sophie Oak. So while they may be listed under two different names these books are all written by the same amazing woman.

Choosing ten characters was not an easy task. There were a couple that was simply an easy choice while others were not. So I put my list together and then went back again and again to be sure I was happy with it. I don’t list book titles because these characters show up in most if not all of the books. Here is that list separated by the series they belong to.

Masters & Mercenaries

1. Ian Taggert

This was one of the easier choices. Ian is so awesome! He changes from the first few books and as he gets older he gets better. I never thought in the first book that he would laugh and smile as much as he does. In fact, stay tuned because I have a whole list of my favorite Ian Taggert quotes coming.

2. Charlotte Taggert

Charlie is a take no prisons kind of woman. When she walks back into Ian’s life she turns it upside down. As the books and years have flown by she gets better and better. I loved when she played a Domme on a cruise ship. It was awesome! Plus she always gives her husband the best gifts, like blown up ships. Even if she makes him live with the devil dog.

3. Theo Taggert

Theo is an easy-going guy and is hard not to like. I really fell for him during is book. After everything he goes through, including the mind wipe from that witch doctor, he endures. He finds his place within in his family as well as finds a way back to his woman. He infant son teaches him how to be okay with his new normal.

4. Tennessee Smith

I didn’t like Tennessee at first. Then later when the CIA turns their back on him I find him much more likable. He is just trying to do his job but he knew about Ian’s half brothers and never said anything. However, he grows on you.

5. Phoebe Graham

There is so much to love about Phoebe! First, she is brae enough to go undercover inside Ian Taggert’s business. I mean that man is fear by spies and bad guys all over the world! Yet, this woman walks right in there. She also has a Harry Potter fascination that adds plenty of humor throughout the books.

Nights in Bliss, Colorado

6. Zane Hollister

I love Zane! Although, he shouldn’t have been the person to design the t-shirts. He goes through a lot in his book but he embraces Bliss for all the quirkiness that it is. He has no problem dropping his pants and blending in with the nudist colony. His wife hates to wear clothes at home, not a problem at all. He finds his place in Bliss.

7. Stefan Talbot

Stefan is the rich guy in Bliss. He buys the town whatever they want or need. They need a doctor in town, he finds one. He also plays God in peoples lives. A trio needs to get their act together, he offers up his guest guest and a public auction. He likes to be in control but he is a Dom complete with a play room in is guest house.

8. Nell Flanders

Nell is the woman who believes that we need to take care of the world. She falls in love with a man who isn’t what he seems but he loves Nell enough to change who he is. Nell will protest (she brings he own microphone to town meetings) and I have only seen Nell get tough once. It was when she insisted that a romance author couldn’t write about Bliss. Writing stories about Bliss is how Nell and Henry make a living!

Texas Sirens

9. Jack Barnes

If you haven’t read any of the Texas Sirens books then you don’t know about Jack’s fixation with crushing vehicles he feels his wife and husband don’t need. Jack is one of the wealthiest (if not the wealthiest) man in town and he won’t let people run him over. nor those he loves. It is one of the things I love about him. He will build a bar so his friend has a place to drink.

10. Julian Lodge

Julian can be a bit hard at times. He is a Dom after all. I love that he gets blinded by love when he goes to visit his friends. Julian reminds me of Stefan in that he likes to play God with people’s lives and push people together he feels needs to be.


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