When I re-branded everything I realized just how much that fits everything I am doing. Prior to December 2018 if you came her to my about page you would have found:

Reader. Book Lover. Food Evangelist Attempting to Get Fit. Introvert. Catholic. Blogger. Organizer.

Those words still fit and describe me but I discovered that I was living a half life. I wanted adventure and to be in my life more than I wanted to let it pass me by. After some thought I make the discovery that adventure happens every time I open the pages of a book. I am transported to a new place and love it. Adventure happens every time I make something new in the kitchen. After all, I never know how it will turn out. Although I made some Jamie Oliver Southern Fried Chicken recently and it made me want to eat the entire tray. It was certainly a win in my book. Adventure happens when I try some overnight oatmeal for the first time and discover I love it.

It also happen each time I work towards my fitness goals. How? I never know where the day will take me with my exercising. I know I should be more structured in it but I’m not and that is okay. As long as I am meeting my goals then it is all good.


I write about that crazy household and the products we love over at Rita Reviews. I decided early on in 2018 that I needed an outlet to write more about the books I read (like 30 a month), the journey I was taking to get fit, and more. I discovered that my readers loved those posts but they were getting lost at RR. So, I began toying with the idea of a new blog. At first I planned on being super specific which led to maybe more than one new blog.

After more planning, a sudden moment of faith renewal and lots of praying I knew that A Lucky Grace was the way to go. It would give me the place to write more about myself without the family. As a book reviewer I read Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance, including BDSM, LGBT, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction and Young Adult titles. Other genres I am willing to review include: Cookbooks, Children’s books (occasionally), Faith and Religious Based, and Fitness books.  And yes, I review indie books!