Beauty Advent Calendar Day 10

December 10, 2018Rita

Are y’all ready for Day 10? I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day. I got up early and got the kids ready for their day. Then I opened my calendar for the day and got myself ready. I will tell y’all I am loving opening these. I take the pictures and am not editing them in any way. I want y’all to see things as I seem them each time. Real and raw.

Today was a pretty large door. There could be anything behind this little door. That is one of the most exciting things and yes I know that makes me sound like a little kid.

Oh! I will certainly be using this! I have full lashes, you know to go with my old man eyebrows. I love putting mascara on and this one says it has 10-in-1 lash benefits.

Look at that pink packaging! It is just screaming take me out and put me on girl. We have a world to dominate. Okay, I think I drank too much tea this morning or maybe I’m having some sort of episode. God only knows at this point.

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