December 9, 2018Rita

Today is day 9 and I am eager to see what the beauty box has in store for us this morning. If you are just joining us here on the blog we have been checking out the Beauty Advent Calendar from QVC each day. I am having so much fun and while there has been an item or two so far that hasn’t been something I like I have been pretty pleased.

I was able to open today up all by myself. I am learning how to hide this thing when I open it. The kids are relentless about it.

Brow Power is what it says! I might be in trouble with this. I have the eyebrows of an old man. I do! I wake up every morning and one is always some crazy direction. You know what I’m talking about, you have seen your grandfather’s eyebrow doing the same thing.

This is something I may give to my mother. My eyebrows are super full and at times bushy. alright, bushy most days. I mean my hair dresser asked if she could do something about them and wouldn’t charge me for it. She did too! I wax them when I remember, I really am horrible about making myself look better.


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