• 12 Months To A Better You

    January 1, 2019Rita

    I told y’all that I would be doing something a little different this year. There is still a monthly workout journal and other things but I am adding this in as well. I saw it originally on Pinterest. My goal and plan is to follow each of these every month along with a monthly workout…

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  • Nov/Dec 2018 Workout Journal

    November 2, 2018Rita

    It is another month and I have decided that I was going to do something different. For the months of November and December there will not be a workout journal. I discovered something new that I will start doing on January 1st. In fact I plan on having some giveaways to go along with everything.

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  • October 2018 Workout Journal

    October 5, 2018Rita

    It’s a new month and I am once again going to attempt to get in the workout habit. This month I think I am going to do squats. I actually did something similar to this a couple of years ago and the results were great. I am hoping that I can duplicate those results. I…

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  • Yoga is Hard

    September 14, 2018Rita

    Not too long ago I thought I would give yoga a try. I felt like it would help me be a bit more flexible and help some with my arthritis. So the very first day there I was feeling so great and just knowing I was going to come away having found my workout. You…

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  • September 2018 Workout Challenge

    September 8, 2018Rita

    Okay, I didn’t really do this last month at all. Not to mention July was a HUGE flop!! So I thought I would start this month out pretty small. This month I want to simply walk every day. Yep that is it. I’m not actually starting this until Monday 9/10 but that is my challenge…

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  • July 2018 Workout Challenge

    July 5, 2018Rita

    Each month I will be doing a different workout challenge and then updating you daily with the results and how I feel about it. I meant to start this month on the first but got a little behind which means I am playing catch-up now. I may combine a day or two just to get…

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  • Fit Chick….That Ain’t Me!

    July 2, 2018Rita

    When I look in the mirror I see a woman who is anything but fit. If I am being totally honest there are moments when I see a fat, lazy, slob. There I said it! Now I’m going to lay all of that aside and say I am totally not fit. But I’m gonna be! I’m…

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