• Beauty Advent Calendar Day 1

    December 1, 2018Rita

    I got this amazing Beauty Advent calendar from QVC and I wanted to share each day with y’all. So I will posting every day as I open the day up and letting you see what item I received. If I have already tried the item by the time I post I will tell you what…

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  • Holiday Ho Ho Ho Giveaway Hop

    November 21, 2018Rita

      We are just full of giveaways this week! A huge thanks to Review Wire Media and Chatty Patty’s Place for hosted this giveaway. They are both awesome blogs and I just love them. Now I know you are elbow deep in Thanksgiving planning but if you are taking a minute to be here THANK…

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  • Things to Consider For the First-Time Home Buyer

    November 15, 2018Rita

    Deciding to buy after you have been renting for a while can be one of the most daunting tasks of your life. There is so much to consider and paperwork that you need to have ready it can all feel so overwhelming. Having an experienced realtor will come in handy especially one that you are…

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  • 4th Annual Super Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Hop

    November 13, 2018Rita

    Are you all ready for the holidays? Well, they are coming no matter what and let me tell you I’m knee deep in my lists. Trying to make sure that you haven’t forgotten anyone can be hard. Also I make a list of Black Friday sales so I know which stores I need to shop…

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  • New Camera!

    November 7, 2018Rita

    I got a new camera! I don’t know if I told y’all that or not but I did. I am so excited about this. I spent years wanting a new one but never getting it, making due with my old one. When I found the Canon EOS Rebel on sale I jumped on it and…

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  • Bringing it Together + Huge Giveaway

    October 17, 2018Rita

    If you follow me over on Rita Reviews then you know that I redid everything over there. After a lot of thinking I felt that I needed to change things up here as well. One of the biggest reasons was because I wanted to change the number of times that you have to click. Before…

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  • Letter to My 20 Year Old Self

    October 10, 2018Rita

    When you reach my age (I’m 42 if you’re wondering) you look back from time to time and wonder if you would have done things differently if you could. There are a lot of things in my life when I look back that I wonder about. That guy that I didn’t get a chance to…

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  • Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Giveaway Hop

    September 4, 2018Rita

    This is my first giveaway hop on this blog and I am excited to be a part of it. If you have been with me over at Rita Reviews then you know how much fun these hops are. I of course, need to thank The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island for setting up…

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  • Let’s Talk Nails

    August 10, 2018Rita

    I don’t know about y’all but it was only just a few short years ago (like eight) when I let my nails grow out. I was a bitter I’m embarrassed to say. It was a nervous habit that I picked up in my early years and it stuck with me.  That meant that I never…

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  • 8 Before 8

    August 3, 2018Rita

    I love how a good blog post can make you rethink things. The other day I was reading this post and realized that I have a huge list of things I too attempt to get done. Most days I’m going be honest with you and tell you I run around like a chicken with her…

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  • 10 Things About You Probably Didn’t Know

    July 24, 2018Rita

    Over the years I know that I have shared a lot of little facts about myself but here on the new site I thought I would share some things that you may not know at all. Things that I typically keep to myself although I don’t make a secret of them.

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  • Finding Me

    July 5, 2018Rita

    I didn’t realize I was lost until I thought about who I was one day. I mean who I was as a person and a woman. Yes, I wear a lot of different hats and have a lot of different titles; sister, daughter, mother, friend, caregiver, business owner, blogger,and more. No single one of them…

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  • Welcome to A Lucky Grace!

    July 1, 2018Rita

    I was so scared and a super excited about launching this blog. cared because I have had other blogs in the past that didn’t do so well. Super excited because I felt like this was something I could really get behind. I also worried because it took me so long to get Rita Reviews established…

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  • Coming Together

    April 5, 2018Rita

    One of the things I had been thinking about for a while was starting a new blog. In fact I actually put together one and then decided I wanted to do more than one. That lead me to this moment. The point where instead of three or four new blogs that focused on a single…

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