• Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Giveaway Hop

    September 4, 2018Rita

    This is my first giveaway hop on this blog and I am excited to be a part of it. If you have been with me over at Rita Reviews then you know how much fun these hops are. I of course, need to thank The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island for setting up…

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  • Let’s Talk Nails

    August 10, 2018Rita

    I don’t know about y’all but it was only just a few short years ago (like eight) when I let my nails grow out. I was a bitter I’m embarrassed to say. It was a nervous habit that I picked up in my early years and it stuck with me.  That meant that I never…

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  • 8 Before 8

    August 3, 2018Rita

    I love how a good blog post can make you rethink things. The other day I was reading this post and realized that I have a huge list of things I too attempt to get done. Most days I’m going be honest with you and tell you I run around like a chicken with her…

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  • 10 Things About You Probably Didn’t Know

    July 24, 2018Rita

    Over the years I know that I have shared a lot of little facts about myself but here on the new site I thought I would share some things that you may not know at all. Things that I typically keep to myself although I don’t make a secret of them.

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  • Finding Me

    July 5, 2018Rita

    I didn’t realize I was lost until I thought about who I was one day. I mean who I was as a person and a woman. Yes, I wear a lot of different hats and have a lot of different titles; sister, daughter, mother, friend, caregiver, business owner, blogger,and more. No single one of them…

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  • Welcome to A Lucky Grace!

    July 1, 2018Rita

    I was so scared and a super excited about launching this blog. cared because I have had other blogs in the past that didn’t do so well. Super excited because I felt like this was something I could really get behind. I also worried because it took me so long to get Rita Reviews established…

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  • Coming Together

    April 5, 2018Rita

    One of the things I had been thinking about for a while was starting a new blog. In fact I actually put together one and then decided I wanted to do more than one. That lead me to this moment. The point where instead of three or four new blogs that focused on a single…

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