January 2019 Monthly Wrap Up

January 31, 2019Rita
What a month January has been! It went by so quickly. I did take plenty of time this month to relax and be ready for this new year. This monthly wrap up is going to be something that is new each month this year. I will post all of the giveaway winners names here as well as books that I read and so much more. It is just a great way to see anything that you might have missed or things you might want to read again. There are things that I did get accomplished and things that I didn’t do so well. So let’s take a look back at everything and see where we are with it all.


All of the book related posts and reviews we have done on the blog this month are listed below. 


Here are all of the blog posts for January, excluding the book related which are shown above. I didn’t think I needed to add them all in here twice.



I started this year working on one thing at a time each month. A way to be a better me. In January I had to Drink More Water.  I was able to drink much more water thanks to my SodaStream that I received. I actually reviewed it over at Rita Reviews here. I manage to drink about two of the bottles each day which is more than I think I need but since I am walking a little more I think it evens out alright. 


You can read my review of One Chance, Fancy. As y’all know I am a huge Lani Lynn Vale fan. I discovered Elin Peer last month and she has quickly become one of my favorites. If you have not yet read her Men of the North series then you don’t know what you are missing. Manu is my favorite character. His book is The Warrior. You can get the entire set on Kindle Unlimited. There are more books after these first five and I promise you will love them. 



  • ellen beck

    February 2, 2019 at 2:11 am

    I read your review over on your other blog. I am glad to hear you have followed up with water. I think the walking will do you good, it gets your juces going an gets you out and hopefully disconnected form the internet.

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