Product Review Request

I will be doing a limited number of product reviews here on A Lucky Grace. There will be plenty of times that I discuss items I have reviewed on my other site. A Lucky Grace is a blog that focuses solely on me as a woman. That means I will rarely (if ever) share things for the kids or the family here. I will share recipes that I try, beauty products that I love, fitness programs I am using, and more.  There are a few guidelines to keep in mind when requesting a product review:

  • Product(s) MUST be a minimum of $25 in total.
  • Product(s) provided will be kept in exchange for an honest review. In the event that I totally hate an item I will email you first and you have the right to request a review not be posted. Please be advised that I work hard to find things that I like about every single item and typically don’t waste my time on products I hate.
  • Giveaway products must be sent directly to the winner and not to me.
  • The time frame for a review is roughly 30 days from the day I receive the product. You will be able to see your scheduled date on my Google Calendar.

Please be advised that on Rita Reviews I review just about anything. If you request a review here and I feel that Rita Reviews is a better fit I will let you know. There is always the possibility of a review or at the least a mention on both blogs. BOOK REVIEW REQUESTS CAN BE FOUND HERE.