REVIEW: The Fighter by Elin Peer

February 12, 2019Rita
REVIEW: The Fighter by Elin Peer

The Fighter
by Elin Peer
Series: Men of the North #9

I’ve lived half of my life on each side of the border.
I know what greatness women are capable of and how amazing men can be.
For those Nmen who think I can’t be a police officer because I’m a “fragile female,” I have only one thing to say; watch me!

Raven is a force of nature who won’t take no for an answer. She uses her humor and feistiness to blaze through every obstacle, and right now the biggest one is her rigid boss Leo Da Vinci.

Leo wants her to stay safe in an office categorizing unsolved cases, but Raven is longing for action. That's why when one case turns out to be the unsolved murder case of Dina, the ruler’s sister who died when she was fifteen, Raven sets out to solve the mystery and bring the murderer to justice. Little does she know that coming face to face with the troubled past of the Northlands might set off an unwanted avalanche of events and endanger the lives of herself and the people she loves.

The Fighter is the ninth out of ten books in the Men of the North series. From the beginning of this series, readers have been hooked on the amazing world-building and the clash between two societies with opposing values.
If you love a mix of humor and romance with a drizzle of steamy sex then this series is a safe choice.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.



I am a huge fan of Elin Peer and her Men of the North series, so when she offered to send me this book to read it was an easy yes, please. If you haven’t read this series yet, you have no idea what you are missing. You can easily start with this book. However, in my opinion, you need to start at the beginning because it will give you plenty of background and set the scene.

Raven is one of the children that were in the first combined school in earlier books. Seeing her now as an adult fighting for her dream is so awesome! Having lived in both the Motherlands and in the North she is unique. One of the few people who can say she grew up in both places. From the first time we meet her she wants to do all of the things that the boys do.

The problem is that in the North girls and women are protected, to the point of almost being wrapped in bubble wrap. Yet Raven was raised by a fierce fighter and had access to the first (and only) woman of the North who learned to fight. She knows what she wants and no one is going to stop her. Not even her boss who happens to want to fight for her best friend’s hand in marriage.

Leo has been assigned the task of taking care of Raven so he gives her the easiest and most boring task ever. Go through the cold case files and organize them. He will discover what a mistake that was when she decides to investigate one of those cases. He is working towards fighting in the next tournament for Raven’s friend. He is certain she will select him when he makes it to the final five. What he didn’t count on was is just how far under his skin Raven could get.

These two are so perfect together as characters. This book had me biting my nails. Raven is funny, determined, and can kick butt like no one else. Leo is has a softer side that we get to see here. He doesn’t laugh much and is serious but I think that is one of the reasons they work. There was a point in this book though that I was screaming NOOOO right along with the characters. It shattered me. It was unfathomable to me as to what happened but I am certain that it sets things up for the next book perfectly. It was just hard to read. I wanted to burst into tears and felt like I waiting the news on a family member. From beginning to end this book reminded me how much I want to go live in the North with all of those overbearing, sexy men.

About Elin Peer

Elin describes herself as quirky in a good way.
Being curious by nature, she likes to explore and can tell you about riding elephants through the Asian jungle, watching the sunset in the Sahara Desert from the back of a camel, sailing down the Nile in Egypt, kayaking in Alaska, and flying over Greenland in helicopters.

After traveling the world and living in different countries, Elin is currently residing outside Seattle in the US with her husband, daughters, and her black Labrador, Lucky, who follows her everywhere.

With a back ground in personal coaching, Elin is easy to talk to and one thing is for sure: she is not afraid to provoke, shock, touch, and excite you when she writes about unwanted desire, forbidden passion, and all those damn emotions in between.

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