REVIEW: Pure Bliss by Lexi Blake Writing as Sophie Oak

As always I love heading to Bliss, Colorado and spending time with my favorite town of eclectic people. James and Noah were brothers and the best of friends until a woman comes between them. They go their separate ways and don't speak for years. James brings in a partner to help him with VIEW POST

REVIEW: Lost and Found by Lexi Blake

Lexi Blake is a one click, must read author for me. I love everything she writes so choosing to read this book was easy. Owen's book is one that I have been waiting for. He met him back in Submission is Not Enough when he was forced to save his mother and sister and doing so betray his team. Of VIEW POST

REVIEW: Siren in Bloom by Lexi Blake

MY THOUGHTS I LOVE this trio! We met Wolf in Bliss to be begin with and now we get to see him and his brother Leo together. They have a few issues to work out, one of which is Shelley. The woman Leo has been in love with for a while but who rejected him in the last book.  All of her reasons will VIEW POST

REVIEW: Lost in Bliss by Lexi Blake Writing as Sophie Oak

This has always been one of my favorite books. There are some added scenes but nothing that doesn't enhance the book in any way.  I will say that when the serial killer is finally revealed I was so surprised. Even now, I never thought it would be who it was. I just didn't see it. There were a couple VIEW POST

REVIEW: Memento Mori by Lexi Blake

MY THOUGHTS I have been waiting for the story of the Lost Boys for a while now. I knew their stories were going to be epic and let me tell you we are off to a wonderful start. Jax has no idea who is was before the crazy doctor Hope McDonald erased his memories. All he knows is the VIEW POST

REVIEW: One to Keep by Lexi Blake

MY THOUGHTS I read this book a few years when I was first introduced to Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak. At the time I didn't know they were one and the same. I loved it then but I have to say now with the addition of the Ian Taggert it is so much better. his little bit of snark and cameo ties the VIEW POST

REVIEW: Protected by Lexi Blake

  MY THOUGHTS Where to begin? This book was everything that a Lexi Blake book always is. Powerful, funny, witty, suspenseful, and most of all it had Ian Taggert in it. Even as a secondary character he tends to steal a scene. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth and I love VIEW POST