• REVIEW: T-Bone by Vanessa Vale

    November 15, 2018Rita

    T-Boneby Vanessa Vale Series: Grade-A Beefcakes #2 Tucker Duke is a cattle rancher, but they don’t call him T-Bone because of his steaks. And Colton Ridge? Prime cut. They’re looking for a woman to share, to get between them and give her a double helping of big beef. Ava Carter might be the new owner…

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  • REVIEW: Sir Loin of Beef by Vanessa Vale

    October 11, 2018Rita

    Sir Loin of Beefby Vanessa Vale Series: Grade-A Beefcakes #1 They might call me Sir Loin of Beef, but when I see Kaitlyn for the first time, stick a fork in me, I’m done. But I won’t claim her alone. Jed Cassidy and I share everything, and that includes her. If the sweet little librarian…

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