REVIEW: Pure Bliss by Lexi Blake Writing as Sophie Oak

As always I love heading to Bliss, Colorado and spending time with my favorite town of eclectic people. James and Noah were brothers and the best of friends until a woman comes between them. They go their separate ways and don't speak for years. James brings in a partner to help him with VIEW POST

REVIEW: T-Bone by Vanessa Vale

MY THOUGHTS Okay, Tucker may be my favorite Duke brother yet! Him and Colton know that Ava is theirs if only they could convince her of that. Ava has had enough of men telling her what to do. She wants a real man not the society boys that her father throws at her. She's not looking for an arranged VIEW POST

REVIEW: Siren in Bloom by Lexi Blake

MY THOUGHTS I LOVE this trio! We met Wolf in Bliss to be begin with and now we get to see him and his brother Leo together. They have a few issues to work out, one of which is Shelley. The woman Leo has been in love with for a while but who rejected him in the last book.  All of her reasons will VIEW POST

REVIEW: Sir Loin of Beef by Vanessa Vale

MY THOUGHTS Okay, this was a quick read but it was good. I loved how the siblings all were together. They gave each other a hard time over their nicknames. I also loved 's mother. She was so wonderful making sure that knew nothing was her fault. duke (no one calls him Landon) and his best friend VIEW POST

REVIEW: Lost in Bliss by Lexi Blake Writing as Sophie Oak

This has always been one of my favorite books. There are some added scenes but nothing that doesn't enhance the book in any way.  I will say that when the serial killer is finally revealed I was so surprised. Even now, I never thought it would be who it was. I just didn't see it. There were a couple VIEW POST