Mystic Maples by Tena Stetler

This was a super sweet romance. I hadn't read any of the other books in the series as of yet but this one certainly sparked my interest. Mercy's (love the name) sister books her into the Deerbourne Inn for what should be an extended stay. However, when she arrives she finds out she's only books VIEW POST

REVIEW: Royally Bitten by Lexi C. Foss

I didn't read the first book in this series and while I am a huge paranormal fan, I tend to stick with shifters only. So, I thought this would be a great read outside of my comfort zone. I went into it pretty sure I was going to hate it. My sister loves the whole vampire thing and told me to give it VIEW POST

REVIEW: Forever Broken by Carrie Ann Ryan

I knew this would be the end of the Talon Pack and I will admit I was super nervous. Mostly because I remember what Carrie Ann Ryan did to the Redwood Pack as they were fighting their own evil. I held my breath from page one to the bittersweet ending. Although I should say the end was bittersweet VIEW POST

REVIEW: Echoes of Fire by Suzanne Wright

I am a huge fan of Suzanne Wright's and love both the Phoenix and Mercury Pack series. They are all one click for me so I knew this was going to be one that I read. Bracken has been one of my favorite characters and I am so thrilled that eh got his own book finally. After such a heartbreaking VIEW POST

REVIEW: Slow Shift by Nazarea Andrews

MY THOUGHTS The reason I gave it 4.5 stars is because of all the switching characters. Not to much characters since the story is told in the 3rd person but as the narrator switched characters it took me a moment or two to catch up. Once I did the story was great. I have never read anything by VIEW POST

REVIEW: In Love With Alien Santa by Zara Zenia

MY THOUGHTS   This was a really quick, sweet read. One that was over the top with the Santa myth. That said though it was so enjoyable! I must say that Griz was my favorite character even though he is a secondary character. He was great in that all he wanted to do was be something more than VIEW POST

REVIEW: Knight’s Redemption by Sherilee Gray

Free in Kindle Unlimited  MY THOUGHTS This is what paranormal romance is all about! It is the kind of book that led me to this sub-genre and made me a fan. Eve and Lazarus had such a heat that scorched the pages. I loved that there were so many different layers to this book. It wasn't a simple VIEW POST