REVIEW: Cowboy Wolf Trouble by Kait Ballenger

Cowboys and Wolves, could there be anything better? This was my first read form this author and again it took me a while because of how busy I was. I could not have been more entertained. I love that Wes is the take action sort of guy. Even if that seems to get him in trouble a lot. He VIEW POST

REVIEW: Wild Wyoming Nights by Joanne Rock

MY THOUGHTS This is my second book of this series and I will tell you that you can certainly read them out of order. There are some aspect of the story that carried over from the previous but not enough to be confused or not know what is going on. In fact if I hadn't read the previous I VIEW POST

REVIEW: The Forbidden Brother by Joanne Rock

MY THOUGHTS As a long time Harlequin fan I am always up for any author they put out since they introduced me (like many others around the world) to romance. I have read Joanne Rock in the past and was looking for some new cowboy material when this hit my email. I jumped at the chance because it VIEW POST