• Beauty Advent Calendar Day 24

    December 24, 2018Rita

    The last day! Tomorrow is Christmas Day and I want to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that your day, in whatever way you celebrate it, is filled with love and family. May you have peace and joy. Are you ready to see what we got today?

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 23

    December 23, 2018Rita

    Today is my little brother’s birthday! I’m not going to say how old he is but if you happen to reading this post……You so old!! Did you get the case of Ensure I sent you? He is forever telling me how old I am. It is always in good fun. If he lived closer I…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 22

    December 22, 2018Rita

    Hello day 22! I was told this morning that the kiddos can’t wait for Christmas! I informed that they would have to and then went about opening our calendars for the day. There are only two more little doors after today and I must say I am a little sad.

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 21

    December 21, 2018Rita

    It is day 21 and the countdown is slowly coming to an end. I think I am going to get another once of these next year and do the same thing. Although I think I may just post a single picture. I think I may do them on Instagram next year as well. Maybe, we…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 20

    December 20, 2018Rita

    Well we made it to day 20 and there are only four days left after today. I’m super busy today, running around trying to finish last minute details. I have stuff at church to get taken care of and decide what we will all wear to mass on Christmas Eve. I think I may need…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 19

    December 19, 2018Rita

    It’s day 19 and we are opening another door this morning. I was sitting here this morning thinking I really needed a bath robe. One that I could slip on when I got out of bed and keep myself warm while I make coffee and try to get myself woke up. Well I make tea…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 17

    December 17, 2018Rita

    Not counting today there are only 7 days left. That’s it! A week and it will present opening time. I don’t know about y’all but we are doing one small gift on Christmas Eve this year before church. Then the rest in the morning whenever we all get up.

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 16

    December 16, 2018Rita

    Today is my mother’s birthday so this one was opened pretty quickly. You have to be fast around here! She was telling everyone which of her Christmas present she wanted to open since it’s her birthday. It doesn’t work that way but she sure was trying.

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 15

    December 15, 2018Rita

    Closer and closer we come! Christmas day will be here soon and let me tell you the natives are getting restless. WE are currently busy with some family members visiting and this morning I had a hard time getting the door open on the calendar. 

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 14

    December 14, 2018Rita

    Another day, another beauty product that I’m gonna have to hide from my sister. I saw a commercial this morning and they were talking about buying a gift for your sister for the moments when you shop her closet. All I could think was that is what my sister does. I’m sure of it. She…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 13

    December 13, 2018Rita

    We are on day 13 and can you believe not counting today there are only 11 days til Christmas morning. I am so excited! I am ready for it to be here already though because I am currently into planning 2019 and kind of ready for ti to begin. I know that sounds crazy but…

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