• Beauty Advent Calendar Day 10

    December 10, 2018Rita

    Are y’all ready for Day 10? I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day. I got up early and got the kids ready for their day. Then I opened my calendar for the day and got myself ready. I will tell y’all I am loving opening these. I take the…

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    December 9, 2018Rita

    Today is day 9 and I am eager to see what the beauty box has in store for us this morning. If you are just joining us here on the blog we have been checking out the Beauty Advent Calendar from QVC each day. I am having so much fun and while there has been…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 8

    December 8, 2018Rita

    Are you ready for Day 8? Are y’all having as much fun as I am with all of this? I am loving it! I know I say that everyday but let me tell you I feel like a kid in the candy store.

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 7

    December 7, 2018Rita

    Day 7 is here and I was able to open the day without little hands grabbing at everything. That is one thing about the holidays around here. WE are a packed house and there is always someone around. The problem is I am typically up before any of the other adults. That means it’s me…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 5

    December 5, 2018Rita

    It’s day 5 and I have to be honest with you and say that if today is more perfume I might just scream. After two days of perfume I am ready for something new.

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 4

    December 4, 2018Rita

    It’s another day and another little treat.  I just noticed in my picture below that you can see the cup from where I had breakfast this morning. We had one of those rare mornings where we went into town for breakfast. We don’t do that often but during the holidays we are so busy that…

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 3

    December 3, 2018Rita

    It’s day 3 in our beauty advent calendar and wonder what will we find today. I just love not knowing what I am going to get. It could be a product that is perfect or it could be something that I will never use. WE won’t know until we open it.

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  • Beauty Advent Calendar Day 2

    December 2, 2018Rita

    Are you ready for Day 2? I love getting a little treat each day. The kids all have those little calendars that gives them a little piece of candy. Next year I know I want to do something different but I’m not sure. At least for them. I love getting beauty products.

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