Out to Find Freedom by Lila Rose Cover Reveal

Have I got a cover reveal for y'all today! It is from Lila Rose and if a cover ever paired so well with a book this one is it. Don't hate I have in fact already read it and I can't wait to share my review with y'all! For now check out this amazing, beautiful cover. VIEW POST

Double Lani Lynn Vale Cover Reveal

Are y'all ready for the cover reveal of not only SINNERS ARE WINNERS but also one for IF YOU SAY SO. The blurbs for these two sounds so good. They are both books in the KPD Motorcycle Patrol series. It is a series that I am currently loving. VIEW POST

I’d Rather Not by Lani Lynn Vale Cover Reveal

I have a new Lani Lynn Vale cover reveal for y'all. Before I share the cover I want to tell you that the blurb for this book made me want to cry. Oakley was one of my favorite children. Her parents are two of my favorite characters and well I could go on and on. Now I'm worried about poor Oakley and VIEW POST