Where I Write: Website Launch

February 6, 2019Rita


Do wonder about the places where your favorite authors write? thanks to the all new Where I Write website you can get some insight into those authors and places.  This is a site that I am excited about! I love seeing where authors write. I have a friend who is an author and I am always amazed when she tells me she is writing at the coffee shop. I figure it would be too busy to write. I need a little peace and quiet when I write my articles. Learn more about the website below as well as enter 3 HUGE giveaways!

Where I Write
Website Launch
Inaugural Authors:
Carly Phillips – Mari Carr – Katie Ashley
Launch Date: February 6, 2019


Take a look behind the books of New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Carly Phillips, Mari Carr, and Katie Ashley! 
“Where I Write” is a new window into the writing lives of your favorite authors. Whether they prefer noisy coffee-houses or
quiet offices, discover where acclaimed authors spin their stories and craft their characters. With this glimpse of the surroundings in which writers work and think hard, be inspired to celebrate your own creative space.




Carly Phillips, Mari Carr and Katie Ashley are each giving away a HUGE gift box including signed paperbacks and special treats. Make sure you enter all 3 rafflecopters.


  • Nina Lane

    February 8, 2019 at 11:10 am

    Thank you so much for participating in the WHERE I WRITE site launch! I hope you find it both unique and fun. Stay tuned for more bestselling authors! –Nina

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